The Dinner Date

We met each other at Chili’s. Just looking at him warmed something inside of me. It was only the 3rd time that we were meeting each other. After a chaste peck on the lips he sat down opposite me. I was both grateful for the distance and upset by it.

Dinner was good. He had some beer and I stuck to a couple of margaritas. We spoke to each other easily. He was telling me about his very gruelling Monday and I about my work trip. As the dishes were cleared away, he began toying with my fingers on the table. Just stroking them.

“Want to walk around the mall for a bit? I am not okay to let you go so soon.”

It was 9pm already. 3 hours since we had met.

“Yes. I would like that. Also I want to buy a book so can we check out the bookstore for a bit?”

“Of course.”

As soon as we left Chilis , he put his arm around my waist, squeezing the side of my hips and just whispered into my ear- “I have missed you. “

Just that. And he moved to holding my hand. I stayed in the spot for a bit and then pulled him in for a hug. It was another feeling altogether to have him against me. I was reminded of our time together in Mumbai. He breathed in my hair and kissed my neck. “You smell wonderful”.

We disengaged and then continued to the bookshop.

“I don’t know what to say when you say such things.”

“Like what?”

“Like I smell good, or that you will behave or that I am cute”.

“Don’t say anything. That’s reaction enough for me. For now.”

We browsed through the bookstore. I bought a book – something about immigrant love.

It was getting late now. I told him to call himself a cab. He said “No. You are driving home right? I will go with you. I ll take a cab from there.”

“It will be so out of the way for you.”

“I don’t hear me complaining.”

“Ok. Let’s go then.”

We got out to the basement to pick up the car. All this while he had his hand on me, either in my hands, or on my waist.

When we reached the car,

He pushed me against the car, leaned into me and kissed me. Full on the mouth. He pulled back, 10 seconds later and said let’s go.

He moved to the passenger side. As we sat in, my breath still uneven, he laid a hand on my knee “I wouldn’t kiss you while you drive. It’s too distracting. So that was to get through the drive.”

When I didn’t respond. He rubbed his thumb along my jaw “anytime you feel I am coming on too strongly, you have to tell me to stop.”

I have never been so tongue tied with a man before. No man has ever done to me things like this without doing anything. I nod. Not trusting myself to speak.

We drive home. Listening to very soft classical music. He occasionally rubs my jaw or caresses my hand or moves the hair back from my shoulder.

I drive slowly. I want the drive to end and to stretch on at the same time. We reach my place. He gets out of the car. He walks to open my door. As I get out of the car, he hugs me suddenly. Aggressively. Tightly. An involuntary moan escapes me.

“I love that sound babe.”

He lets me go just as quickly.

“I want to see you more often. Every few days.”

“Me too.”

“Stay over with me the next time?”

“I don’t know yet. I will let you know”.

“I don’t bite babe. Not unless you tell me it’s okay.”

She smiles. And almost laughs. He laughs with me.

She loves the sound of his voice.

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