Hollow yet Heavy

People choose to leave.

They disappear.

They choose to end.

People take away parts of you.

They leave you feeling hollow.

Things echo in you.

With time the echoes die down.

With time.

But every time somebody leaves,

Every time someone leaves with a part of you,

Why do you feel heavy?

Why is there so much within inspite of them having taken so much away?

Funny that way

Life is.

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  1. Barbera Beths says:

    Dry waters,
    The idea of love described is jolly, still did you love your partner ever? Sounds funny though! I have been divorced for a year with my best one who used to love me, taking a back seat on our huge fights, huge love, but still I was a candid eye, irrespective of whatever we thought in our left mind. I still regret a lot as he isn’t near as he loves me the way no one ever will. He was pure. Holy child, go for him. Don’t make my mistake. Don’t leave it just for the worldly pleasures, a quick new diversion, soothing mind and self ego! It’s a blessing that you both found each other. I could see the depth in the post. Go for a patch up. Good luck!!!


    1. Dry Waters says:

      This love is long lost πŸ™‚ ❀


  2. Barbera Beths says:

    Some tries would suffice, if ever made. Love doesn’t gets lost πŸ’œ


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