This Valentine’s – Choose Yourself

It takes a huge amount of self love to be worthy of the love that you think you deserve. One act of self love can turn the wheels of fortune in your favour.

But like with most things that are worth it, this isn’t easy. Self love isn’t easy.

To begin with it needs a leap of faith.

We choose to stay in toxic relationships, because of our fear of not even finding this in the future. Basically you tell the universe that you are okay with sub standard relationships and that’s what you keep getting.

Have faith and let go. Choose yourself and not the relationship.

Trust the process of healing.

We choose to deny ourselves treats and food that makes us feel alive and well in the name of eating healthy. Choose yourself again. One cookie or brownie or one bowl of ice cream will not undo all those hours at the gym and in the pool.

It’s great to laze around on days that work is light. You want to Netflix and chill, go ahead. You don’t want to lift weights, no sweat. You want to eat something rich and runny, by all means.

But when you don’t fit into those AWE-mazing jeans you bought a couple of months ago, don’t feign ignorance.

Instead choose yourself. Build a simple practice that you can stick to. Choose 20 minutes of gym everyday over 20 minutes of FRIENDS and actually really physically see your life transform before your eyes.

You know what, overnight sensations aren’t really overnight. They are over time, over a very long time.

Just because self love has the word love, doesn’t mean it is easy. It takes a lot of pain and heartbreak to keep choosing what’s best for you. But there’s a neat trick to this, it hurts in the beginning and soon you realise that your quality of life has improved. You are far more you. That’s self love in action. With enough practice, you choose what’s best for you over and over again.

Your self love also makes you more receptive of other people who are committed to themselves. And over time you will attract the right kind of people to yourself. 

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