Courage is Fear Walking

As children you always look up to your parents as the perfect human beings, they are your personal crisis managers, your A-Team. At midnight, when the monsters come out, they take out their magic wands and chase them away. When they hug you, the world is restored to a happy place. When they say, it’s going to be okay, you believe them.

But when adolescence catches up, one day the world decides to pop your bubble and the walls in your house suddenly become thinner and when one day you hear a fight, that’s when you realise, “They were bluffing, they don’t actually know that it’s going to be okay.”

And soon as the cocktail of fear and despair hits your acned faces; your unshakeable belief in the A-team begins to shake, the world isn’t so nice anymore. Anything can happen to anyone at any point and that’s so scary. So I decided that it was up to me to get my team back together.

It was the perfect plan. I fail my exams, isolate myself, screw my health. A-team unites to save me, and we’re back in the game. But that’s not how life works, is it? At some point, you need to take responsibility for yourself. You need to face the circumstances, you need to face life as is.

Eventually you learn to embrace the randomness; you learn to sense the fear, and say-

“Fuck it! Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it.”

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