Good Beginnings are overrated 


In my experience the phrase, “First impression is the last impression,” could not be more inaccurate because one of my closest friendships had a shaky beginning. We did not like each at all in the beginning, but now seven years later, here we are, by each other’s sides. 

We feel immensely grateful that we didn’t go on our own first impressions of each other, that we had the intelligence to give each other the benefit of the doubt, that we were humble enough to believe that we could be wrong. 

Every relationship has its own course of ring tests and how it starts out is no indication of what it will amount to. What is obvious but also so incredibly true, is that what’s lost in judging a cover by its book is only the whole story; how much can you tell about a person without knowing them or knowing what makes them that way. But as time unravels the layers in people, you begin to understand, to empathise, and sometimes love. 


That was about one of my closest friends. 

But I had really good beginnings with all exes of mine. The last one in particular seemed like a God sent. He was all things nice, emotional, warm and fuzzy. He valued family and society. But when the good beginning went onto the middle, I realised he didn’t value me. And I gave the good beginning so much credit that I stuck with a partner who was unfit for me, only for the sake of being with someone. Years of being by yourself can do that to a person. Yes I was yet to discover self love. 

Thankfully I had the sense to let him go and to let myself off the hook for being the one to break us. 

So you see, Good Beginnings are overrated! 

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