Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao!

I am watching money heist.
The mother of the police officer in charge has Alzheimer’s. As such that makes her extremely unfit to be the caretaker of the police officer’s daughter. While watching it I majorly judged the officer for taking such a faulty call, especially when she’s had a violent spouse who could any day abduct their daughter. It was simply a logistical issue for me then.
A few episodes on I realised how closely the officer depends on her mom to have her back. After a terribly hard day at work, she calls her mom and says I don’t know what to do, and her mom says fuck the job. It’s only a job. Come home, and then let’s go on a girls trip.
Her mom also comes to her room late at night to ask if she has had any sex on her last date. And that she needs to go out and love and be loved.
Given that empathy, love and compassion, she would seem like the perfect choice for me to leave my kid with.
Relationships and people have so many layers. And it’s only when you live them and live with them that you get to see people for who they are truly.
And you may not like all parts of it. But you will like some and you will love some and that is on the darkest days enough to help you go on.
On the other hand take Arturo. That guy has the face of someone who is asking to be punched. No I am serious. But that little man just won’t give up. It took a near death experience for him to realise that he’s a hollow shell of a man who doesn’t have the balls to choose the woman he loves. He’s messing up everybody’s lives around him. He gets shot, he instigates others to take on an extremely dangerous escape mission and then rats them out to save his life. This man has it coming. But strangely enough he has made it through the first season. Nobody has put a bullet in him yet and one of the robbers actually takes care of him.
So there is goodness in the world. Even in a robber.
Exactly what I meant by you don’t know people till you live with them.

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