I am still unprepared for the world

I was unprepared for the elephant pineapple incident. It didn’t factor in, even in my wildest imagination. Just did not.

I moved into a new place this week. I was unprepared for the kindness of strangers. Random shop keepers going out of their way to make tea for me. Society guards being helpful, in spite of strict social distancing rules. I hadn’t dared to hope that if I asked somebody would oblige.

I canceled an urban clap appointment at the last minute. The service folks were already at the gate. But right then I just couldn’t manage them too. I apologised profusely. They left saying that it’s not an issue and that I should call them back if I need anything, because they stayed close by. I was expecting a tirade, but they understood my predicament. 

I parked my car in a spot that wasn’t mine. I was unloading stuff from it. The guards came running and rudely asked me to move it out of the way. When I explained that I hadn’t had a spot assigned to me, and no access to the basement, they softened. I wasn’t expecting the guards to yell at me. But when they did I hadn’t expected them to oblige either.

There’s a ton happening in the world. Every person is responsible for their own conduct and actions.  And every person has their own set of expectations from the world.

I don’t think the elephant expected to be fed a cracker filled pineapple.

It simply means that our job is only to try to be our best, and then leave the rest up to the universe. I thought we liked plot twists. They’re surprising, they’re interesting and they keep you on your toes. And if you want to give it back to the universe for mistreating you, give it a plot twist by accepting its plot twist, pretend that that’s what you were expecting all along. 

Sometimes the plot twists are painful. But sometimes they are peaceful too. But they make up our world. So give it “your” best, don’t worry about the rest.

Shit will keep happening.

There will be kindness and there will be villains too. You focus on “your” end of it.

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