Three Entrepreneurial Stories fit for all times

Entrepreneurship is often fuelled by passion, sometimes by hardships and other times by a marked desire to leave your dent in the world.

Pawan is in charge of delivering newspapers to homes in the society that I live in. It has been 17 years now. Everyday you see him tossing newspapers at your doorstep. Once a month he comes by to collect the payable. Pawan has greyed with age now.

He also runs a real estate agency. He was instrumental in helping my mother sell off a flat that she had inherited. He stayed with us throughout the process, and it took almost 3 months.

Pawan runs these newspaper and real estate agencies with his brothers. He says it is a family business. His brothers own hardware stores in the city.

The best entrepreneurs over determine success.

They have multiple things happening for them at the same time. Almost like Facebook acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp and so many more.

I ran into Laxman Singh in one of the stores near my new home. He runs a shop that sells oddities. So you may find a gas cylinder, a curtain rod, a telephone cabinet, a set of knives and milk. His super power is finding things for you. I got talking to him the other day and asked him what was the reason for running this kind of a shop. He said “ma’am I am in the business of serving people, and I serve them best when I have things that they don’t know that they will need”. I bought water bottles, a gas pipe, milk, gas lighter and a pen from him.

The best entrepreneurs make it about the need of who they are serving.

The security guard  at my building was helping me unload my car. We got talking and I asked him why did he choose this profession. He said he used to be real estate broker before, but with COVID 19 people stopped moving in and out. A lot of his deals fell through. So he thought long and hard about what business would never go out of business. Security is what struck him. No matter what, people will always need to feel secure. And here he was.

The best entrepreneurs don’t take a lot of time to pivot or to rethink what they are offering.

This post was about those entrepreneurs who inspire me the most. While there are many Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos out there, if you look around you will find many just around the corner. Choose to be inspired by the successes staring you right in your face.

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