3 Tools that will change the way you write

Scrivener – The Greatest Book Writing Software ever.

Scrivener has been a life saver for me. I write multiple chapters and sometimes I am not sure how they should flow. Scrivener lets me rejig the order by just dragging and dropping. While writing I have sudden ideas strike me- their idea tab works well for me. So I don’t keep writing on bits of paper that I finally lose. The ideas stay with me.

The number of words that you have written is handy. You can count the line numbers. You can easily export to a format of your choice and that makes the content very shareable. The Help bar is super helpful. You just type what you need help with and it redirects you where you need to go.

I was in two minds before purchasing Scrivener. I thought that a word document or a pages document works as well. There was an Index page anyway. But Scrivener has made it even more simpler. When I purchased, it cost me around Rs 2600, which is almost $35. It’s a lifetime license. I also used a coupon code which got the price to that. It’s fantastic. I work on a MacBook and an iMac. The same license works on both. There are copies on both machines and it is seamless to work on either copy.

Scrivener is great for flowing, chapter pieces. For one piece articles, you could still make do with a word doc or pages. Also everything on scrivener is at one place, so no searching for ideas, research and actual content in separate places.

There are cheaper alternatives too. But by far, over the last 6 years of writing, I have found this to be the most comprehensive app.

Google Docs- The Best way to Collaborate

Google docs- every body worth their salt has gone through their journey of falling for Google products. I find it to the best way to share content in a team and with multiple people to work on it at the same time.

My partner and I, use Google Docs to share ideas about what we should write on next. We use a Google spread sheet to keep a tab on the infinite number of ideas that keep coursing through our head. When we use it on our laptops, there is nothing like it. If collaboration is your thing, there really is no better option.

But when you are on a phone- accessing Google docs could be a pain. Idea sharing can’t stop. So we use the Notes app on iPhone.

Notes- Because Idea sharing can’t stop

It gives you the option to make notes, add somebody to those notes. They can add/ edit/ append to it. Every time you refresh you see what was added the last time. The Notes app on my Mac also keeps the same copies and it is easier to work across devices.

As a writer, you never know when inspiration will strike. I keep these apps handy and they make my life simpler. I don’t work beyond these three apps, and know that my ideas will be limited to just these. They work for me.

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