3 Ways to write Headlines that will definitely get Clicked on

Almost 90% of the people who come across your content will skim through or read the headline.

And only a tiny 10% of those will click the headline- and less than 20% of those who click will read through your content.

And if you are churning out great content. So is everybody else.

But not everybody is writing click-worthy headlines. And that is where the game starts.

Below is a mix of what has worked for me.

1. In the last 10 blogs that I published- 7 super easy ways to revamp your LinkedIn profile got the highest number of views.

Also in the last 10 blogs, each time the headline starts with a number – 3/5/7 it has an ‘uncharacteristically’ higher number of views.

I usually choose odd numbers. You can see if even numbers work for you.

2. In between the months of May- July, I published 66 blogs and 78% of those blogs either started with an odd number (as mentioned above) or was a “How to” blog.

In those 3 months, my follower count rose from 66 to 143. That’s a 116%.

I love percentages!

It could also depend on which day I posted what, or how consistent I was with publishing content.

But the views say that the number of clickthroughs went up when headlines were titled as such.

3. The usual length of a headline that I get a lot of traction for is anywhere between 9- 13 words.

There is no magic number as such, but the headline does have to do justice to the insane content that you have inside.

I’d say, stay in this range, till experience and experiment prove otherwise.

And yeah 9- 13 words is NOT too long.

Feel free to walk through the rest of my blogs and peek at the headlines. A lot of emotional context helps too.

The easiest way to escape reality


This one content marketing tip will give you goose bumps


7 amazing ways (arguably the best one) to use LinkedIn in the Covid world

Will get me to click anytime.

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