A little about self-worth

People can often tell you rich, complex stories about their lives. And they can be labeled as lies. In the strict morality of black and white, they are black. They are lies. They are the stories that people tell themselves and others, which could potentially/ plausibly be the stories of their lives if they did not feel so empty within. 

Self worth is tricky. You can be achieving the stars and promotions and hikes – but it is so difficult to feel worthy. 

You feel worthy when you cook up a story about something outrageous that you did. It could be that of going on a trek that you didn’t go to. Could be about donating an extra large sum of money. Could be about continuing to do something out of a sense of duty rather than out of love. anything. 

What matters is you pay attention to what stories you think define your worth. Sometimes, when you dig deep enough to strike gold, you find your most deep set beliefs – for instance – you feel that being duty bound makes one worthier than one pursuing something simply for their personal gratification. 

Often these beliefs that you discover might be limiting or constraining – but the important thing is to identify them. No belief by itself is wrong or right. It is simply how deeply we manifest them in our lives and if they truly give us some measure of peace, agency, and might I say joy. 

For now, just figure out what these beliefs are. And let this now stretch into as much time as you might need. 

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