Anuradha Ghosh

Anuradha is passionate about stories. From a very young age, she remembers reading late into the night with her mother by her side. Her love of reading is only rivalled by her “need” of writing.

For more than two decades now, she has been writing and contributing to story telling and content in any form that she can. Emotive writing is her forte and she considers herself to be an amateur poet too.

She’s a ghostwriter. Helps entrepreneurs and CxOs craft their personal brands and also write their books!

A self taught Content Marketer and Writing Coach, and above all, a Storyteller.

When should you reach out to her?

Are you struggling to find the time to write and publish? You have some ideas in mind, but no idea about writing them out? You want to write a book, have your name on it and tell the world your story, but you go blank when you put pen to paper?

Need compelling stories and content written? Want your story to get out and to retain full credit for what you’ve published? Look no further.. puhleasee! You’ve found yourself a ghostwriter!

If you’ve got a book in you, or need help with being consistent on your social media content or on your blog, contact her at