The Day After the First Night

I ubered back to my brothers’ very early on Sunday. He had a mid morning flight to catch and after last night I wanted to put some distance between us. Physically.

As I peeled of my dress and got into the shower, I could see the marks beginning to take form.. around my nipples, under my breasts, on my belly.. I didn’t have the courage to look between my legs, because everything I touched on me reminded me of him and what we did last night.. I felt that hot flush coming on again just thinking of him and turned on the hot water in the shower.. a scalding shower later I wasn’t feeling any better.. it wasn’t just about the sex for me. It was also how gently he had handled me and how much he held himself back. That self control. That much control unnerved me.

While drying myself, I saw there were marks around my neck too. Along the collar bones. I would have to wear cover up blouses for a few days. I could almost feel the marks pulsing.

I had a whatsapp from him. “Missing me?”.

The gall.

I blue ticked but didn’t reply.

“Don’t overthink it. And come back soon. I can’t wait to see you. Again.”

Blue tix.

An hour later- “I am on my way to the airport. Can I pick you up tomorrow from the airport?”.

“No. I ll ping when I reach home.”

“Dinner??? Tomorrow???”

That was his customary 3 question marks for one question.

“Can I tell you tomorrow?”

“Tell me now.”

Ominous he was like that. I don’t know what I was committing to with that dinner.

Another from him. “We ll just talk. I ll drop you back, it ll get late”.

“I need to think.”

“You need to eat too. I ll behave. Dinner date???”


“😘 see you babe. Soon.”


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