Three ways to energize your content strategy commitment

Every pitch starts with the best intentions. You want to make a difference to the client. You want to show that the world runs on content and code. You know that your stellar content producers and creators are the best in the business.

Over time as you settle into a routine, content does tend to become more of tick box. You have established a content cadence, follow your calendar to the T, and publish winning metrics.

And that is why – today is as good a time as any to relook at your content marketing strategy. Start by evaluating the last ten pieces that you published and see if you like what you see in all its entirety.

If you have been doing that content for more than six months, there are chances that you will see scope for evolution.

That brings us to-

What is the difference between content writing and content marketing?

It is a purpose.

As a writer, when you are aware of the purpose of your content – that’s when you are doing content marketing.

1. Define goals for your content

Every piece of content that you publish should serve a purpose. Sometimes one, sometimes many. Off the top of my head, here are a few goal worthy purposes for content –

1. Educating the audience about a product/ service/ concept
2. Driving search engine ranks
3. Positioning the brand/ self as a thought leader
4. Driving social conversations and engagements
5. Sharing journey reflections and inspiring others

One piece of content can furnish multiple purposes, but to start with let’s ensure that each piece does at least one.

2. Authentic content marketing

One of my prospects said that their SaaS platform solved 90% problems for the FMCG industry. Their sales guys are the ones who go from one retailer to another, pick up orders, scramble for shelf space at eye level, keep an eye on the promotions and discounts offered by competitors, and so on. That’s a lot of data to note and then to process.

(Drumroll please)

Enter the SaaS-based app on their devices that helps them feed in all of this data and gets processed as soon as it gets entered. Distributors also have access to this portal. They can get deliveries ready on time.
It does look like the company is solving a lot of problems. But maybe only for the on-field sales guys. Of course, the data churning is great, but FMCG doesn’t only rely on that – they do a lot more than just distributing products to retailers.

So if the company said it solves 90% problems for the sales guys – I would agree vehemently.

Authentic content marketing is when you are as specific as possible. Framing it sets the right expectations.
Focus on
– what problems you are solving
– whom are you solving those for
– what are you doing

Your content should be around that.

3. Rebuild your content themes and your content structure

Picking up from the example above.
The prospects want to generate leads from the content on his website. So not only should every piece of content have an explicit call to action, but depth wise it should also be talking to the reader.

Content can be around:
– At what point does an organization need technological intervention in their processes. I am an FMCG player- when do I decide that I need an app for my field guys.
– What are the immediate pain points that will be addressed?
– How will the technology ensure that I grow (using an app will free up a lot of human time) and also grow with me

1. How will you distribute this content? You could have great stuff on the website. But how will you get people to it?
2. How will you repurpose published content to generate fresh traction? [Best way is to update it with relevant information, including fresh links to new content and augment it with more value]
And while you are on that calendar, set up a quarterly content commitment meeting too. Get all hands on deck. Turn into an idea hailstorm and keep ensuring that your clients never find anyone better!

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