How to write articles that time travel?

I will keep this super simple. All the points are very self explanatory.

1. From your website/ blog page – remove the date. Simple.

That means your content will not look older than it has to. You can only read the date on my blog after you’ve clicked on it. It doesn’t show on the HomePage.

2. Keep updating your content regularly.

For instance I was a big fan of Hootsuite. It was my go to tool for scheduling posts across social media handles. In fact I still have an ongoing subscription.

Then I tried Buffer (used it for free).

Now I have moved to Publer, just for one simple thing – I can schedule not only my posts but also the comments that go with the post.

If you have stories like that, of how you’ve moved from one product to another- share it. Update your blogs. Keep them relevant.

3. Write in short paragraphs.

Each para doesn’t have to go beyond 5-6 sentences. Make use of bullets and checklists if you can. But DO NOT drag on.

Longer paras- have very few readers.

Try this out for the next few blogs that you publish and look at the number of views.

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